About us

Who are we?


We are the owners and operators of ACME Staking and its ACME stake pool operation. We are enthusiastic supporters of decentralized systems and have become involved in Cardano in large part due to a strong belief in its vision for the future and the measured scientific approach to its design. We have set up this stake pool operation as the initial piece of a larger portfolio of projects that we are creating and intend to deploy for the Cardano ecosystem.

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Why cardano?


We believe Cardano represents an important development in cryptocurrency space that has the potential to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology in the world.

With the recent introduction of native assets and upcoming smart contract capabilities, coupled with existing affordable transaction fees at high transaction speeds, we look forward to using our software development expertise to create new services and applications built on top of the Cardano blockchain.

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How will we succeed?


Our team consists of a diverse and experienced group of software engineers with a wide range of professional backgrounds, including dev ops, web development, enterprise software and game development.

This wealth of knowledge and experience grants us the tools necessary to create innovative new products that utilize the Cardano blockchain to further drive adoption and inspire others to create.

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