Christian Potvin

Software Developer

Christian is a seasoned software developer with many years of experience working in the gaming, web development and enterprise software industries. He has had the opportunity to lead teams in the planning and delivery of software projects and has recently shifted his focus to developing services and applications using blockchain technology.

Brodey Dover

Technology director

Brodey is a certified technician and a seasoned software developer with an extensive background working in IT. His broad knowledge base makes him particularly adept at planning, building and maintaining critical systems infrastructure using industry best practices. He is passionate about open source software development, systems engineering and blockchain technology.

St├ęphane Potvin

web Developer

St├ęphane is a passionate tech hobbyist with an interest in software development and the construction and maintenance of computer systems, from large personal web servers to small raspberry pi devices. He has recently shifted his focus to web development with an eye towards supporting blockchain based applications and community engagement initiatives.